[Tutor] NEWBIE looking for help

Robert Garber garber@centralcatholic.org
Mon, 4 Feb 2002 14:40:40 -0500

I am very new to programing and am hoping that Python is the place to start. My question is this: I am a football coach who is very unhappy with some of the software available to use in scouting and keeping stats. I am certian a program of this nature will need to be set up as some type of database that is searchable ( by formation, field position, player number/position, down and distance, etc...) is Python the language to start with? I have purchased the Sams "TEaching yourself Python in 24 hours" as Alan Gaulds "Learnign to program book". I have also downloaded every tutorial I can find on python. I am enjoying the learning experince and hope that Python is the language to open a whole new world for me.
Thans for any help,