[Tutor] How do I get Python on Mac?

kevin parks kp87@lycos.com
Tue, 05 Feb 2002 12:50:37 +0900

>Back before I turned to the dark side (November 1997), I was a Mac
>person; at that time, Alladin's Stuffit was the most common solution to
>that problem. If you have an old mac running an old system, you might
>try searching for "stuffit 1.5.1"; I'm not 100% on what sort of license
>old stuffits have/had (I seem to recall them being shareware, but
>wouldn't bet money on that). Also, I'm not sure what version of Python
>you will be able to use--how old is an "old mac"? Is it a 68000 (ie, are
>you probably s.o.l.?)? 68040? PPC?

Yes, Stuffit lite should be your ticket. Try www.versiontracker.com and search for Stuffit.

A bit more information about your system would help.

Here's another idea: Get a book like a Chun's Core Python Programming which has a CD-Rom with all the major Python distributions on it. It is a little out of date but not too much. But that assumes that you have a CD-Rom on your system.