[Tutor] graphing with Python

Daniel Ajoy dajoy@operamail.com
Tue, 5 Feb 2002 21:02:20 -0500

On 5 Feb 2002 at 18:53, tutor-request@python.org wrote:

> > > From: "ingo" <seedseven@home.nl>
> > > So, I would like to hear your recommendations for a graphing package
> > > for Python.

6:  File Name:  cdpy151.zip    Collection:  win95 prog
Description:  Charting library on PNG,JPEG,WMP,GIF [Python]
File size:   1832398    File date:  2001-10-12  Distribution Type:  Shareware
More Information:  http://www.simtel.net/pub/pd/56104.shtml
Publisher:  Advanced Software Engineering Limited     email:  pkwan@advsofteng.com
Posted to the Simtel.Net collection on 2001-10-12

6:  File Name:  dl_75_py.zip    Collection:  win95 graphics 
Program Name:  DISLIN for Python 2.1 v 7.5
Description:  DISLIN is a high-level data plotting library
File size:   1512901    File date:  2001-12-07  Distribution Type:  Freeware
More Information:  http://www.simtel.net/pub/pd/34761.shtml
Publisher:  MPI fuer Aeronomie     email:  michels@linmpi.mpg.de
Posted to the Simtel.Net collection on 2001-12-07

Also look for GNUPlot, there must be an interface to Python for it.

Daniel Ajoy