[Tutor] NEWBIE looking for help (fwd)

Paul Sidorsky paulsid@shaw.ca
Wed, 06 Feb 2002 18:11:32 -0700

Danny Yoo forwarded:

> Thank you very much taking the time to respond to my questions. I have
> been working very hard to gather the info needed to complete my project
> and i am so far very satisfied with the results. I have been messing
> around with writing programs for the PALM OS USING PDA Toolbox. My
> eventual goal is to write my program for use on a windows machine as well
> as a Palm OS device. That means I will also need to write a conduit to
> synch the desktop to the palm. Is python capable of such a task?

Plucker - an HTML viewer for Palm devices - uses Python for conduits and
also for spidering the web and parsing the HTML files to get them onto
the handheld.  It's open source so it should serve as a good example for
how to use Python in this capacity.  (It's also a darn handy program!) 
The web site is here:


As for the Palm app itself, one of the first things I did after I got my
Palm was look into Pippy, but unfortunately Python just doesn't seem too
well-suited for something like a Palm what with the lack of a file
system and all.  That they were even able to get it to work is quite
amazing, I think.  

I would recommend plain ol' C (because it's fast and small) and
PRC-Tools (because it's free) but there are many other options.  The
unofficial PalmOS programmer's FAQ is a good place to start:


Palm's own developer web site also has some info though it's largely


Hope that helps.

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