[Tutor] security

kirk Bailey idiot1@netzero.net
Thu, 07 Feb 2002 13:27:16 -0500

ok, this is a question about securing the data stream.

I am working on building a web manager for the creation and managing
of lists. Not membership IN lists, the ownership and management, and
if need be destruction of lists.

I am concerned that simply using a password is not enough, as
datastreams can be tapped if sent in the clear and passwords
intercepted, and a hacker could then use these to destroy all lists on
a service. I want to use technology to prevent such crimes.

One idea occuring is to encrypt the password. Another is an email
message to the owner confirming any and alll modifications. Frankly,
securing the data stream would probably be easier to implement- but I
do not know anything about how to do this.

Anyone out there got some good ideas or information on this?

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