[Tutor] ZODB IOBTree deletion question

Kirby Urner urnerk@qwest.net
Fri, 08 Feb 2002 11:03:41 -0800

At 07:40 PM 2/8/2002 +0100, Andreas Sch=F6ller wrote:
>Hello Tutors,
>How can one delete an entry from a IOBtree ? A simple del tree[key] brings=
>a __delitem__ error. Reassing a value like tree[key] =3D value is no=
>? How come ? Any special methods needed to accomplish this ?
>thank you all , andreas

You're talking about ZOPE right?  You'd probably have better
luck on another list if so.  Beginner Pythoneers aren't looking
for Zope info, mostly.  But I could be wrong, some of the
tutors here seem to have delved into just about everything.

But you should ask on a Zope-specific list too, not just