[Tutor] RE: Modular programming Help

alan.gauld@freenet.co.uk alan.gauld@freenet.co.uk
Sat, 9 Feb 2002 09:50:26 -0000

Cameron wrote:
> My intro to programming teacher in college is telling 
> me that importing a file isn't calling a module.  

Which is true.

> I must be confussed here because I have always understood 
> that modules were external programming things that you 
> brought in with the import and then executed with functions 

Only in Python.

A module is any piece of reusable code - a black box.
The original definition of module in programming was a 
subroutine in assembler - which carried thru' to BASIC...
and COBOL and FORTRAN etc...

So your teacher is right to a degree but he/she is way out of date 
in terminology.

For a fuller explanation and a comparisonof BASIC and Python 
look at my web tutor:


Under  Functions and Modules.

Alan g.