[Tutor] passwords

Lewis Bergman lbergman@abi.tconline.net
Mon, 11 Feb 2002 15:02:13 -0600

OK, word of warning
I have only been at python for about three weeks so listen at your own risk.

The first program I made uses libxmlrpc and SimpleXMLRPCServer to manage many 
different machines password and shadow password files along with things like 
RADIUS db records from a single point. While this works, it is full of 
dangerous implications. 

It does this with spawnv and it's P_WAIT option (so I can get the status code 
back) from the os module. I also used the crypt module to encrypt the 
passwords before writing them so I could use the useradd command with the -p 
switch instead of having to interact with the passwd command with some kind 
of expect deal.

I found an abandoned project very useful in this. In fact, I rewote all but 
one function from the ground up but the clues in that project were 
invaluable. I would also suggest getting the shadow source files so you can 
see exactly what the return codes are so you can program with appropriate 
responses in mind.

Hope this helps.
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