[Tutor] Another new book

Lloyd Kvam pythontutor@venix.com
Thu, 14 Feb 2002 08:40:38 -0500

I bought the book.  It is really a "learn to program using python"
type of book.  However, the examples and approach are geared for
people with programming experience.  The title is very misleading.
Many of the examples in later chapters do refer back to the pattern
chapter, but it is not really a book on patterns.

I have used it as a reference to look up a specific aspect of Python
programming (e.g. module organization or overriding __getattr__) and
found the book to be lucid and helpful.  Many of the sample code
snippets are very well thought out.  They are NOT simply rote
translations of Java syntax into Python.  Bottom line: I like the book.

I think Wesley Chun's book is a better choice for novices.

Leighton Pritchard wrote:

> Has anyone here read, or read an opinion about, "Python Programming 
> Patterns" by Thomas W. Christopher, ISBN: 0130409561, published by 
> Prentice Hall?

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