[Tutor] Re: Another new book

kevin parks kp87@lycos.com
Fri, 15 Feb 2002 14:28:02 +0900

>I think Wesley Chun's book is a better choice for novices.

I like it too. The ora 'Learning Python' book is good too, even though it is out of date. It has that nice binding and is easier on the back than Wesley Chun's book, but the Wesley Chun book is very complete and up to date and includes lots of interesting special topics and like the ora book it has nice discussions of OOP, with good diagrams.  Though (not a slam on Mr. Chun, by any means) the Core Python book does have lots of weird typos. I am not sure that it extends to the code though as the code i have copied from the book has all run, but the text itself has some oddly edited passages.

>>Has anyone here read, or read an opinion about, "Python Programming Patterns" 

That  is a lot of alliteration.

Poor Pitiful Pythonites have Plenty of Programming Publications to Pick over.

Q: Why do computer geeks and Programming Publishing Production Poopy-heads love alliteration so much?


I suppose if the book really is about programming patterns in python there isn't much one could do.

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