[Tutor] Software Design and crackers

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Fri, 15 Feb 2002 11:35:30 -0000

Cameron asked about:

Software Design
There is no good single book that I can recommend however there are
several that taken together make up a good base.

1st I'd go with something like Programming Pearls by Jon Bentley
it covers design in the small - algorithms etc

2nd I'd do something like The Pragmatic Programmer which has lots 
of good advise generally learnt the hard way.

3rd I'd get a good OO design book like Booch OOAD or maybe 
Wirfs/Brock(sp?) "Responsibility Driven Design"

4th I'd get the "Gang of Four"(GoF) Design Patterns book.

5th I'd buy my new book on design notations 
     - except I haven't finished writing it yet ;-)

Computer Security
Search the net, read up on basic computer operating principles and 
networking. One good (but occasionally wacky!) site that I visit 
regularly is:


But then I'm biased coz Matt Curtin is a friend of mine...

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