[Tutor] List for Zope beginners

Schmidt, Allen J. aschmidt@nv.cc.va.us
Fri, 15 Feb 2002 09:24:20 -0500

The basic Zope list. sign up and lurk for a while. This page has a link to
search the archives. Best to do that before asking questions. Most newbie
questions have been gone over several times and lots of good info abounds.

Also, one of the best ways of finding info on specific things is a
www.google.com search.

Many links to existing documentation.

The first Zope Book online...recently and continuously updated.

Some stuff is hard to find but its out there. Any question you could have
has been asked and answered online.

www.freezope.org is a great place to play and learn first. Create a free
site with many products already installed. Not quite the same as having it
on your own box but really the next best thing.

Have fun! Feel free to email me offline if you have other questions about

Allen Schmidt
www.fredericksburg.com -- All in Zope/Python/MySQL

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On Thu, 14 Feb 2002, Ramkumar Kashyap wrote:

> Is there a list for Zope beginners.  I have downloaded Zope and am
> going through the e.g. and was wondering if there was a similar list.

Hmmm... you may want to try the ZopeZen and ZopeNewbies people:


I haven't been able to find a mailing list, but that might just mean that
I'm not looking hard enough...

Try asking on zopezen.org, and people there may be able to point you
toward good resources for new Zopistas.  If you find that mailing list,
tell us so that we can better respond to this question next time.  Good
luck to you!

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