[Tutor] creating files with python and a thanks

Cameron Stoner wolf_binary@hotmail.com
Sat, 16 Feb 2002 08:06:19 -0600

Dear Python people,

How can you tell Python to make a simple text file or to make a kind of file 
with your own kind of extension?  I have looked around in books I have, and 
online.  I have only found stuff about how to open and close and recieve 
input from.  I don't know enough about file creation and operating systems 
to know I guess how to tell Python to do it.

Special Note to those who answered my hacking question.  Thanks a lot 
Borders didn't have a good selection of software design books available and 
I didn't know what books to ask about.

What about the book Hackers Exposed 3rd or what ever is the latest version?  
I heard it was a good place to start.

Thanks again,
Cameron Stoner

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