[Tutor] The 'print >>' ogre

Paul Sidorsky paulsid@shaw.ca
Sun, 17 Feb 2002 09:56:33 -0700

Danny Yoo wrote:

> I think it might be worth trying it.  How many people have used the
> extended 'print >>' statement?  Perhaps a more important question: how
> many people here have even heard about it?

I've used it.  The idea of directly printing to a file isn't the
problem.  There are times when it's downright handy.  It's the syntax
that's ogreish (yes that really is a word).  But I've used far uglier
constructs in other languages so I can live with print >>.

> If we're trying to limit its exposure to the light, we're definitely
> making a judgement that it's either a terrible idea or smells terribly
> bad.  I think it's the latter, and if that's the case, perhaps a strong
> scrubbing is in order.  *grin*

The trouble is by keeping quiet about it we turn it into the Python
equivalent of a Playboy magazine.  Sooner or later the newbies are going
to find it on our bookshelves and then they'll be pulling it out way
more times than they should!

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