[Tutor] disabling Pmw ComboBox's EntryField? [quick lambda hacks]

Lance E Sloan lsloan@umich.edu
Tue, 19 Feb 2002 09:11:11 -0500

Danny Yoo wrote:
> By the way, we don't really need lambda; I was using a shortcut.  We could
> alternatively do something like this:

Oh, sure.  That makes sense.  But I really like using the lambdas
instead.  That way I don't have to define a callback function for each
of the 3-4 ComboBoxes that are part of my class.  I don't need to think
up silly names that will just clutter up the namespace.

Actually, I started to write a callback function for my ComboBoxes.  I
tried to make it general enough that I could use it as the same
callback for each of the ComboBoxes I made.  I thought that I could get
a reference to the widget in question from the event that was passed
in.  However, I found that the event widget was the text entry field,
not the ComboBox.  When I looked to its master, I found that it, and
all of its ancestors were Frame widgets.  None were the ComboBox.  So,
I guess Pmw methods return references to Pmw objects, but if I work
backwards from part of a Pmw widget, I will only find the Tkinter

> > Is there a mailing list somewhere that's dedicated to Python Tkinter
> > programming?
> Dunno about this, but Tutor is a pretty good place to ask Tkinter
> questions.  I believe that Manning, publishers of "Python and Tkinter
> Programming", hosts a forum for people who have bought the book:
> http://www.manning.com/getpage.html?project=grayson&filename=forum.html

I'll have a look there.  I asked because I've been reading Tutor for
more than a year now and I haven't noticed a lot of Tkinter
discussion.  Maybe if I search the archives, I'll find there's more
than I thought.  When I asked my question and I didn't see a lot of
responses quickly, I wondered if I were asking in the wrong forum.

Maybe I'm just an instant gratification junkie.  :)

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