[Tutor] training wheels

kirk Bailey idiot1@netzero.net
Wed, 20 Feb 2002 01:27:41 -0500

I am modifying TLpost.py to include a fairly intelligent set of
defaults so the novice
who just manages to get it working with no support files will be
presented with
minimally working and feature rich discussion lists. These cna be
over-ridden with 
files for each function.

PREFACE- no default. ONLY presernt if a file is defined for a list.

Per list Footer default: """
 This is the testlist3 list.
 Click [REPLY] to send to poster, [REPLYALL] to send to list.

Note the name of the list is inserted in it automatically.

Per list random: no default. Must be defined in file or is omitted.,

global default: """
You can manage your memberships at

global random: no defgault, must be defined in a file or will be

A default may be blocked by adding the related file WITH NOTHING IN
IT. So if you wanted NO footer, you would create a footer with "" as
the contents- that is, nothing at all, pr at most a CRLF.

TinyList now comes with training wheels.

			 Kirk D Bailey

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