[Tutor] Newbie!

Hellenic Dolphin hellenicdolphin@hotmail.com
Wed, 20 Feb 2002 18:49:12 +0200

Hi everybody!

I'm a newbie in programming languages and I was instructed to begin with 
Python! Could you please tell me the correct steps, should I make, in order 
to really learn the language and be possible to write serious programes? 
Which books would you suggest to buy for this? (and of course which other 
internet tutorials!).
At this momment I've begun with livewires' internet tutorial which I find it 
quite helpful and easy, but soon enough I'll be needing more sources.

At last please advise if this language is the right one, in order to create 
a "back-office" application for a company (accounts, statements, clientele, 

Thanks in advance for your kind help.

With my friendliest regards,

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