[Tutor] Newbie!

alan.gauld@bt.com alan.gauld@bt.com
Wed, 20 Feb 2002 17:52:18 -0000

> Hi everybody!

Hi Thanos,

> I'm a newbie in programming languages and I was instructed to 
> begin with Python! 

Good idea.

> Could you please tell me the correct steps, should I make, 
> in order to really learn the language 

Start with one of the tutors on the Python newbies page
(I'm biased so would suggest my own :-)

Then go through the full official Python tutor, trying 
the examples as you go. Working full time on it, I'd say 
that should take about 2 weeks.

Along the way stop off and play with the ideas - modify 
the sample programs to see if they do what you expect.

If you don't understand post specific questions here 
- ideally giving short code samples and any error 
printouts you get.

> Which books would you suggest to buy for this? 

Once you cover the web tutors you can buy some reference 
material. My only "must have" is Dave Beasley's "Python 
Essential Reference". There is a list of books on the 
Python web site with some reviews etc. Or visit Amazon and
search for Python and read the reviews there.

> At this momment I've begun with livewires' internet tutorial 
> which I find it quite helpful and easy, but soon enough 
> I'll be needing more sources.


is your friend.

> At last please advise if this language is the right one, in 
> order to create a "back-office" application for a company 
> (accounts, statements, clientele, etc.).

You could do that but in most cases you will be cheaper(when 
you take account of your time!) to just buy an off the shelf 
package. They may seeem expensive but to develop thoise 
things is likely to take several months of your time!

Python would then be good to fill any gaps, where the bought in
package doesn't do exactly what you need.

We await your questions with interest....

Alan g.
Author of the 'Learning to Program' web site