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> > for you.  Too bad '98 doesn't have any meter so you can see how hard
> > your CPU is cranking.
> Actually it does! Since win95 thers been a little applet,
> not installed by default, called system monitor or somesuch.
> Its like a cut down version of the NT perf monitor.
> You can select CPU, Memory, Swap etc and it'll draw
> pretty coloured graphs for you....
> Usually found under accessories|System tools.
> Also, In the powertoys free download you can also get
> wintop which is just the unix top program running in
> a window.
> Alan g
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I am not using Vpython all the time though.  I only got it to mess around a
bit.  I have had Win98 freeze up and not let me do anything while I was just
typing in a function or I'd be looking down to follow a flowchart or some
example code out of a book and then wamo, the thing freezes up and all I get
is like a screen shot that won't let me move my mouse.  I have a Athlon
800Mhz, Win98, 512Meg Ram, and 32Meg ATI All in One Video Card.  The thing
is it freezes up when I'm not using VPython IDE.  Do you think I should
uninstall the VPython add on?  Could this be causing me some obscure problem
or do you think that it could be Norton, because I do have Norton Internet
Security 2001?

Cameron Stoner