[Tutor] python 2.2

Lloyd Hugh Allen lha2@columbia.edu
Wed, 20 Feb 2002 18:39:53 -0500

Kirby Urner wrote:
> >  because I do have Norton Internet
> >Security 2001?
> >
> >Cameron Stoner
> I think you should turn off Norton for awhile and see if
> the Python 2.2 freeze-up goes away.  If you're not using
> VPython when the freeze happens, then I don't consider
> VPython a suspect.
> Kirby
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You have to do more than just turn it off, though, iirc. I had a similar
problem as soon as I installed Norton, and eventually figured out that
every time that Norton's background "Go Check for Virus Updates" daemon
ran itself, my system would freeze (I've heard since then that it was
probably fighting with either ZoneAlarm or (somehow) one of the Quicken
agents). And the uninstaller didn't uninstall the piece that was giving
me grief--I didn't really have my machine back until I went in and
played with regedit, which I had never had to do before.