[Tutor] Creating and storing objects from a GUI...

Kirby Urner urnerk@qwest.net
Thu, 21 Feb 2002 07:43:55 -0800

>What choices have you made in situations like these?

How about just a classic RDBMS (relational database)
with field types.  Then you've got SQL (way powerful)
and portability (dumping tables to files no problem
-- nothing pickled).

If you want to code using objects, those could be
formed during read-in of specific records, e.g.
screen fields might map to myrecord.firstname and
myrecord.lastname where myrecord is an instance.
That way you could stick validation code in your
parent class as methods e.g. myrecord.updateHomePhone()
would make sure this was a legal phone number etc.

myrecord.write() might update the appropriate table,
having all the right SQL syntax and connectivity
objects internally.

Anyway, that's one idea.