[Tutor] Re: why the recompile?

Christopher Smith csmith@blakeschool.org
Sat, 23 Feb 2002 11:47:40 -0600

Christopher Smith writes:
>I am trying to get an installation distributed on a set of iBooks for a
>course.  I ran compileall on my own installation, copied that to the
>master server disk and from there it gets copied onto the individual
>iBooks.  The hope was to avoid having to recompile every time a new
>session is started.  (Even though the recompile is done, the installation
>is restored to the original set during shutdown of the computer.)
>Here's the problem:  when the IDE starts up it recompiles a bunch of
>files.  For example, codeop.py (created July 18,2001 and modified Aug
>19,2001) is recompiled even though the existing codeop.pyc in that
>directory has the creation and modification dates of Feb 7, 2002.  There
>are 68 files in all that are recompiled, located in lib; mac/Lib;
>Mac/Tools/IDE; and mac/lib/carbon.
>Why is this recompiling and what can I do to avoid this?  The .pyc's date
>is more recent than the .py's.  

In answer to my own question I learned that if one of the libraries in the
lib_dynload folder is newer than the .pyc files this will cause the .pyc
files to be rebuilt.  If you install new library files you will have to
recompile all .py files.