[Tutor] Working with Email question

Joel Ricker joejava@dragoncat.net
Sat, 23 Feb 2002 16:36:38 -0500

> Python 2.2 has a new email module included, which looks to be very nice,
> but I've been working with it, and:
> (1) It is not well documented (at least, not from a beginner's point of
> view)
>  -AND-
> (2) It is somewhat buggy IMO. For solid performance at this point, I'd
> recommend rfc822 and if needed, multifile and mimetools.

What I'll need to do is parse the headers for from and to address  and also
subjects then look at the body for matching keywords -- like PORN ;)  I'm
not that worried about attachements yet -- but in the future it would be
nice to check for those Outlook Transmitted Diseases.

So if I'm following the documentation correctly, I'll need to save each
message to a local file since all of those mentioned use a file pointer.
Then use rfc822 to load in my header and look for any content boundaries.
Use those boundaries to load each piece of the body in using Multifile, if
no boundaries, just load the whole body.  Is that right?