[Tutor] unrelated bug issue

Lloyd Hugh Allen lha2@columbia.edu
Sat, 23 Feb 2002 21:40:29 -0500

Tim Peters wrote:
> Without a bug report, nothing will change.  I often open one for a poster
> when a posted behavior is obviously a bug, or when the poster seems unable
> to articulate their case clearly.  This one doesn't fit either case, so I'm
> leaving it to you:
>     http://sf.net/tracker/?group_id=5470&atid=105470
> Barry may or may not agree it's a bug, but-- honest --he doesn't bite,
> except on Thursdays <wink>.

So I tried Ruby for a bit, got frustrated by their ide and figured that
I'd try it later in a proper linux environment since the windows version
seems to be (I think, anyway) built on CygWin. When I uninstalled Ruby,
IDLE stopped working (no message--just didn't start. Command line python
worked fine). Turned out that this was because Ruby had put a few lines
in the autoexec.bat, one of which said "please use the Tcl library in
the Ruby directory", which no longer existed. Cleared out the
autoexec.bat, now Python works again. Is this a Python bug (ie, should
Python tell the user that the Tcl library doesn't exist or at least give
some sort of feedback), a Ruby bug (that the uninstaller didn't clean up
after itself), or both?