[Tutor] unrelated bug issue

Tim Peters tim.one@comcast.net
Sun, 24 Feb 2002 01:00:59 -0500

[Lloyd Hugh Allen]
> So I tried Ruby for a bit, got frustrated by their ide and figured that
> I'd try it later in a proper linux environment since the windows version
> seems to be (I think, anyway) built on CygWin. When I uninstalled Ruby,
> IDLE stopped working (no message--just didn't start. Command line python
> worked fine). Turned out that this was because Ruby had put a few lines
> in the autoexec.bat, one of which said "please use the Tcl library in
> the Ruby directory", which no longer existed. Cleared out the
> autoexec.bat, now Python works again. Is this a Python bug (ie, should
> Python tell the user that the Tcl library doesn't exist or at least give
> some sort of feedback), a Ruby bug (that the uninstaller didn't clean up
> after itself), or both?

I got a better one:  suppose you shoved a banana down your throat, then a
carrot in each nostril.  Would it then be the banana's or the carrots' fault
that you couldn't breathe anymore?  That's right:  it would be the carrots',
because you didn't have any trouble breathing before they wound up in your
nose.  Or maybe it was the banana's fault after all, since if it weren't
there, the carrots' presence wouldn't matter.  It's a puzzler.  Just so long
as it's clear that it's never ever your fault <wink>.