[Tutor] unrelated bug issue

Scott Widney SWidney@ci.las-vegas.nv.us
Mon, 25 Feb 2002 09:33:15 -0800

> From: Tim Peters
> I got a better one:  suppose you shoved a banana down your 
> throat, then a carrot in each nostril.  Would it then be 
> the banana's or the carrots' fault that you couldn't breathe
> anymore? That's right:  it would be the carrots', because
> you didn't have any trouble breathing before they wound 
> up in your nose.  Or maybe it was the banana's fault after 
> all, since if it weren't there, the carrots' presence 
> wouldn't matter.  It's a puzzler.  Just so long as it's
> clear that it's never ever your fault <wink>.

Tim, you're missing the point. What he said is that even after he removed
the carrots from his nostrils, he still couldn't breathe. So either the
carrots were not completely removed, or it's the banana's fault. He did the
right thing in looking for carrot residue before removing the banana. He
should be commended for his insight....