[Tutor] Website for Code Review

Paul Sidorsky paulsid@shaw.ca
Tue, 26 Feb 2002 01:00:41 -0700

On the main list/newsgroup there was an inquiry from Ben Jacobs about
the existence of a web site where people could post Python code to be
reviewed by other programmers.  I replied privately to tell him about
the Tutor list since that kind of thing does happen here sometimes, but
I think having a dedicated web site for code review would be a great
companion to Tutor.  Is anybody willing to take this on?  I don't have
the resources to set up such a site but I would be willing to help with
keeping it running if needed.

Paul Sidorsky                                          Calgary, Canada
paulsid@shaw.ca                        http://members.shaw.ca/paulsid/