[Tutor] IP numbers

Lloyd Kvam pythontutor@venix.com
Wed, 27 Feb 2002 10:55:11 -0500

Web-based WHOIS + NSLOOKUP by Name.Space

This site will let you look up an IP address and determine the ISP
responsible for that address.  The name of the IP address block will
be a link to the ISP identification information which will provide
email addresses for abuse complaints.

Since you've said nothing about system administration folks, I assume
you are getting your IP address fromm an ISP.  Your ISP should be willing
to help with this!  That's part of providing Internet Service!
(It looks like you are sending your email from a Sprint dialup IP address.
This is the listed phone number and email contact:
       Sprintlink (Sprint)  (SPRINT-NOC-ARIN)  NOC@SPRINT.NET

Remco Gerlich wrote:

> On  0, Cameron Stoner <wolf_binary@hotmail.com> wrote:
>>The reason I wanted to change my IP number was because I have this problem
>>with a cracker trying to get into my system and he knows my IP address and I
>>thought if I changed it he wouldn't know where I was anymore, but that's
>>just my newbie thinking.
> That's reasonable thinking. The problem is that in most cases, the rest of
> the Internet (like your ISP's computers) also won't be able to find you
> anymore, and you won't be able to receive anything :)
>>I have Norton Internet Security which has stopped him so far, but I wanted
>>to go a step further and not allow him to find me.  I don't know why this
>>person is comming after me.
> How do you know it's a cracker and not something innocent? Secondly, if you
> know his IP, you should be able to find out who his ISP is and send a
> complaint there.
> This isn't a Python subject so this discussion shouldn't continue here for
> too long.

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