[Tutor] devlopment

kirk Bailey idiot1@netzero.net
Wed, 27 Feb 2002 18:35:49 -0500

OK, TinyList is devloping. Got rid of the imager, found a way to
create text that looks the same but not an image, loads MUCH faster.
Installed training wheels in TLpost.py, so without anything else but a
alias and a subscriber file, it gives simple but functional footers-
which can be over-ridden. Now offers the preface function majordomo
offers with no hassle. Release 1.1.4 is almost ready to place on the
web, I want to review all documents and update them.

I am considering changing it to use a config file- only on item, the
domain name, but this means only editing one file IF the python
interpeter is in the most common location for it, still got to edit
ALL of them if the interpeter is not in tha place.

So, I am looking for comments or suggestions or requests. Please email
me off list directly to this account:


thank you.

			 Kirk D Bailey

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