[Tutor] IP numbers

Javier JJ python.tutorial@jarava.org
Thu, 28 Feb 2002 05:38:31 +0100

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> Depends on your system.  Given that you're using OE, I'll assume
> you've got a MS platform.

A fair assumption, I'd say :-)

> If you pick the first one (you probably have), then try running
> 'winipcfg' and releasing, then renewing, the lease.  (that only works
> with the 95/98/me family, don't know where it is in 2k)

In w2k / NT, there is no "winipcfg" app, it's a command line util called
"ipconfig" :)
Works much better (IMO)

What you'd have to do is:

C:\> ipconfig  /release *
C:\> ipconfig  /renew *

>DHCP means
> that a server is configured to assign IP addresses and also give your
> machine routing and nameserver information.  This is probably want you
> want for your system to work, and you have no control over what IP you
> get.
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> There is another possibility, though.  If you use a regular modem to
> dial-in to your ISP, then you have no control over your IP at all.

Also, even if you have "ethernet" connection to the 'Net, the ISP / Company
DHCP server is quite likely programmed to assign you an IP from a fairly
reduced set, so...