[Tutor] wiin32clipboard "odd" behaviour??

Javier JJ python.tutorial@jarava.org
Thu, 28 Feb 2002 05:45:23 +0100

Hi all!!

I am experiencing a "strange" thing when trying to use the win32clipboard
module that comes with Active State's Active Python distro...

The thing is, I want to "load" a list of strings to the "main" clipboard
(thing loading a list of alternate URLs to clipoard managers like GetRight

The thing is, I OpenCliboard(), I SetClipboardText(text) and I can
GetClipboardData(format), but I can't "get" the clipboard data from outside
apps (not even after I've CloseClipboard() )... It seems like I've gotten a
"new" clipboard all for myself...

So, what would I have to do to manage things "as usual"??

Ideas, pointers??




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