[Tutor] how to get complete output in interpreter?

Christian Ebert blacktrash@gmx.net
Thu, 28 Feb 2002 18:14:51 +0100

Hello there,

Is there an upper limit to the (lines of?) print statements
in the interpreter?

As I don't want to bother with a gui yet I use the
interpreter as interface for a little "database". Everything
works fine, except when I print a "long" result of a query.
The interpreter then truncates the result at the top and
displays only a certain amount of lines. It's not due to an
error in the script because when I write the result to a
file it's all there. Splitting into several print statements
doesn't make any difference either.

Anybody knows how to change this? Or is it a MacPython issue
(I will ask on the macpython list then)?


Hyperion in Frankfurt