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Israel Evans israel@lith.com
Wed, 27 Feb 2002 14:24:52 -0800

	I'm also fairly new to this and haven't done a ton of programming
but I found that it is far simpler and less stressful to, in most cases,
write the python program to work in a command line fashion and then move on
to learning the crazy world of GUIs.  After both areas are somewhat under
control, then hooking up functionality to a gui suited to your already
functioning program isn't all that difficult.

	I tried out Tkinter but I've been enjoying wxPython a bit more.  I
can't tell you exactly why, the documentation is split between pretty basic
tutorials in python speak and a large majority of very detailed
documentation in C++-speak which can be intimidating.  The way it's setup
seems somehow nicer than TKinter. 
	The people on the mailing wxPython mailing list are very active and
pretty helpful and they've helped me out a bunch.  Even when they aren't
responding directly to my post, it seems a number of people are dealing with
the same issues so I get the benefit of many heads and fingers working on
the questions I need answers to.

I'm not the best person to talk to about these issues, but the above words
are my 0.02.


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I'm just starting to learn python and I have an idea for a program I'd
like to write.  I want to use some sort of gui.  Would it be better for me
to start out using curses or tkinter?  I'd like to learn both eventually,
so I'm just wondering which would be easier to use.  Would wxpython be a
choice also, or is it very much harder?

Also, should I start writing my program for the gui from the start or
write the basic functionality and a simpler interface then add the gui
part later?

Thanks for any tips,

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