[Tutor] What IDE do you prefer?

Anthony Barker abarker@xminc.com
Sat, 21 Sep 2002 20:59:57 -0400

Magnus Lycka wrote:
> At 18:24 2002-09-21 -0500, Steve Lewis wrote:
>> Just curious. What are some of your favorite IDEs and/or text editors?
> I've mainly used PythonWin, SciTE, vim and emacs. They all have
> syntax highlighting for Python, allow programs to be executed
> from the editor, and at least PythonWin and SciTE are folding
> editors, which I like.
emacs has a folding add-in module- have you tried it?
fte has folding - but I am not crazy about it.

David Mertz has a review of a dozen or so text editors

> Vim is certainly a bit difficult to get
> used to... 
Unless you administer unix machines in which case its necessary.

Personally I try to use emacs / nedit /vim in linux and editplus in 
windows(with python syntax support).