OT: spaces WAS: Re: [Tutor] about regular expression

Magnus Lycka magnus@thinkware.se
Tue Apr 1 09:22:01 2003

At Thu, 27 Mar 2003 04:12:58 -0600 Jerry Jorgenson wrote:
>Strictly speaking, it depends on the typeface you use. The "two spaces"
>were evented because a typewriter has a fixed font and the letters don't
>have the same space between them, instead each letter takes up the same
>amount of space (an "i" takes the same space as an "m"), so the extra
>space was required.

I looked in some old books, that are pre D.T.P., i.e. made
with traditional lead types. The ones from the 1940's or
1950's are all with the same space between senteces as
between words. The ones I found that were older than that
(1903 and 1929) had roughly twice the distance between
sentences as between words. That can hardly be attributed
to typewriters.

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