[Tutor] Python and Delphi/Help Function

Tim Johnson tim@johnsons-web.com
Thu Apr 3 21:06:01 2003

* alan.gauld@bt.com <alan.gauld@bt.com> [030403 13:48]:
> > I am a long-time Delphi programmer who is trying to learn the Python 
> > programming language.  
> Been there, done that! :-)
> Now I only use Delphi for hard core Windows or, occasionally for a more 
> sophisticated GUI than I can do with Tkinter...

  Ah! Put in a lot of miles using "C++ Builder"

> The help function in Python is pretty good but the results depend on the
> quality of documentation that the developer provided, which varies a lot. So
> you can 
> always type help(foo) at the >>> prompt and mostly find what you need. 
> But no F1 shortcut i'm afraid.
  Alan, I note the help(foo) from the command line in Linux
  gives me the 'less' pager with documentation.

  >>>help(tuple) in Linux
     gives me the pager with tuple docs.
  >>>help(tuple) in the Windows interpreter just gives me an 
     error message. (NameError)

  I currently have 2.2.2 on linux and 2.1.2 on windows.
  any comments here Alan?


Tim Johnson <tim@johnsons-web.com>