[Tutor] ANN: Python II course (Silicon Valley, CA)

wesc@deirdre.org wesc@deirdre.org
Fri Apr 4 02:42:15 2003

this is a friendly reminder to ask you to please sign up
for Python II ASAP if you're interested.  the class starts
on Monday, April 14th... more details here:


Register online, or contact Sherry at 408-861-3765 or
smirkarimi@ucsc-extension.edu to enroll.

On a related note, this will be the last course i will be
instructing for UC Santa Cruz Extension for a long time.
Work, family, and the Python community are making it hard
to devote the time necessary.  if you're interested in
training new Silicon Valley engineers about the wonders of
Python, contact me privately, and i will help u get started.


ps. 'twas great seeing familiar & new faces @ PyCon last wk!

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