[Tutor] Python and Delphi/Help Function

Tim Johnson tim@johnsons-web.com
Fri Apr 4 12:04:02 2003

* alan.gauld@bt.com <alan.gauld@bt.com> [030403 22:32]:
> >   >>>help(tuple) in the Windows interpreter just gives me an
> >     error message. (NameError)
> >
> >  I currently have 2.2.2 on linux and 2.1.2 on windows.
> >  any comments here Alan?
> Install 222 on windows! :-)
   Duly noted. I will.

> Seriously, look up help in the docs (the slow way!).
> I think in versions before 2.2.x you had to import help before using it.
> Something like:
> >>> from help import help
> >>> help (foo)
   Doesn't appear to be there at all (see above).

   I sure glad I stumbled across this thread.
   help() is a really nice feature.

   I work primarily in Linux and generally target
   *nix-style servers, but I am also quite impressed
   with what I have seen of the PythonWin IDE.

   I didn't see where is supported large projects
   with sessions, etc, ... but the environment is
   quite nice.


Tim Johnson <tim@johnsons-web.com>