[Tutor] Re: If not global, how?

BW Glitch bwglitch@hotpop.com
Fri Apr 4 21:14:02 2003

On 12:00 PM 3/31/2003 -0500, tutor-request@python.org feed this fish to the 
>In the app that I am developing, I have some callbacks
>that need data from other methods. I am trying to
>figure out how to make that data available without
>making it global. Here is an example:
>This class is instantiated.

I don't know if it may be possible, but calling something like:

callback(lambda: myFunction(value))

Might work. I haven't worked enough with the lambda to know if this is 
possible, but I've done it the other way around.

Can someone correct me?

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