[Tutor] CGI Help

Adrian Maier am@fx.ro
Tue Apr 8 01:17:08 2003

Timothy M. Brauch (tbrauch@mindless.com) a scris :
> From: "Seabrook, Richard" <rhseabrook@aacc.edu>
> From: Timothy M. Brauch [mailto:tbrauch@mindless.com]
> [ deleted ]
> Here are the permissions I have set:
> [root@linux0 simple]# dir
> total 28
> -rw-r-xr-x    1 root     root          978 Apr  7 23:05 simple2.py
> -rw-r--r--    1 root     root          676 Apr  7 22:48 simple.html
> -rw-r-xr-x    1 root     root          628 Apr  7 22:48 simple.py

The scripts are not executable for the owner. I'd suggest:
  chmod 755 *.py

(If i guess correctly, are you usually working as root?
It is better to create some account and log in as root 
only when you need to configure something)

> [root@linux0 simple]# ./simple2.py
> : bad interpreter: No such file or directory

The error probably refers to the interpreter specified in
the first line of your script. Are you sure that 
/usr/bin/python is valid?

Also, you may need to configure Apache (httpd.conf) before 
it will be able to execute your CGIs. 
I am not an expert in configuring Apache. I can only give you
two hints. 

There is an option (ExecCGI if i remember correctly) that 
needs to be set for each directory that contains CGIs.
(by default it isn't set because of security reasons)

Apache knows when to execute a cgi based on the file's
extension. The extension is cgi by default. You could
a. rename your files to simple2.cgi or simple2.py.cgi
b. configure apache to treat .py files as CGIs.

Good luck.

Adrian Maier
(am@fx.ro, 0723.002.097)