[Tutor] looking for alternatives to tabular widget (Tkinter)

Abel Daniel abli@freemail.hu
Wed Apr 9 11:29:02 2003

Adrian Maier wrote:
> I guess i could also try to use  a Canvas ? ( there could be a
> problem with editing, though)

With a Canvas, you would get a more flexible widget at the expense of
having to write much more code. Using a frame and normal tkinter
widgets, creating a fixed, 3x15 cell spreadsheet-like widget is simply
creating the widgets and grid()-ig them. About the same is true for
something more dinamical (i.e. variable number of rows and columns).
You can do the same with a canvas, and add more graphical elemets (like
rounded corners, etc.). I think such things would be simply superflous
for a simple spreadsheet-like widget, but they would need a lot of time
to code. And apart from such features, a canvas wouldn't have any
advantage over a frame.

I would stick to a frame (or a ScrolledFrame from Pmw)

Abel Daniel