[Tutor] Idle & PythonWin

Jeff Shannon jeff@ccvcorp.com
Wed Apr 9 13:00:02 2003

Aaron Harrier wrote:

> Hello again...I seem to be here a lot these days.
>     I installed Python 2.2 a few days ago and today in confusion I 
> also installed win32all.  Aside from now having the option to run 
> win32,MFCs and have the choice between IDLE and PythonWin does anyone 
> know if this should cause an issue?  They seem to have both installed 
> in the same directory.

Presuming that you're referring to the python.org distribution of Python 
2.2, what you've done is exactly the way that the win32all extensions 
are intended to be used.  That package just adds a bit to the 
pre-existing Python install.  If you're using ActiveState's ActivePython 
installer, then the win32all package is already included, and it's not 
necessary to install win32all again, but (provided that the versions are 
similar) it shouldn't cause any problems.

Jeff Shannon
Credit International