[Tutor] FTPing a file while keeping Line Feeds

Alan Colburn aicolburn@yahoo.com
Fri Apr 11 17:33:01 2003

This is an easy question, but I can't seem to find the
answer! After creating an ftplib.FTP object called
'ftp' and opening a file for writing, I download a
text file via the command:

ftp.retrlines('RETR textFile', file.write)

textFile transfers to file, but textFile's line feeds
don't transfer.

How do I transfer textFile such that the line feeds
are kept? (Specifically, textFile contains comma
separated values, with each line in the file
representing a different row in a spreadsheet.)

As always, thanks! -- Al

p.s. If you've got a quick reference to where I SHOULD
have been looking [online] for this info, that too
would be great.

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