[Tutor] Help with simple program using while loops and lists

sudhir chauhan sudhirchauhan1@yahoo.co.in
Sat Apr 12 12:47:01 2003

Hi ,
how about this order of placement of your lines. i did
not modify anything except commenting one line. this
will make it work at least :)

## This program runs a test of knowledge
# First get the test questions
# Later this will be modified to use file io.
def j_questions():
    return [["What color is the daytime sky on a clear
            ["What is the answer to life, the universe
and everything\n"],\
            ["What is a three letter word for mouse
def get_questions():
    if menu_item == 1 or 2:
        #notice how the data is stored as a list of
        return [["What color is the daytime sky on a
clear day?", "blue"],\
            ["What is the answer to life, the universe
and everything?","42"],\
            ["What is a three letter word for mouse
trap?", "cat"]]
#This will test a single question
# it takes a single question in
#it returns true if the user typed the correct answer,
othrewise false
def check_questions(question_and_answer):
    #extract the question and the answer from the list
    question = question_and_answer[0]
    answer = question_and_answer[1]
    #give the question to the user
    given_answer = raw_input(question)
    #compare the user's answer to the testers answer
    if answer == given_answer:
        print "Correct!!"
        return true
        print "Incorrect, correct was:",answer
        return false
    # This will run through all the questions
def run_test(questions):
    if len(questions) == 0:
        print "No questions were given."
        # the return exits the function
    index = 0
    right = 0
    while index < len(questions):
        #Check the question
        if check_questions(questions[index]):
            right = right + 1
        #Go to the next question
            index = index + 1
        #Notice the order of the computation, first
multiply, the divide
        print "You got",right*100/len(questions),"%
right out of",len(questions)
#now lests run the questions

true = 1
false = 00
menu_item = 0
list = []

while menu_item < 3:
    print '---------------------------'
    print '1. Take the test?'
    print '2. View the questions, and the answer.'
    print '3. Quit the program. '
    menu_item = input('Pick an item from the menu: ')
    if menu_item == 1:
        current = 0
        if len(list) > 0:
            while current < len(list):
                print current,'. ',list[current]
                current = current + 1
                print "Ok here we go"
    elif menu_item == 2:
        menu_item == 3
        print "good bye"

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