[Tutor] news update`

Kirk Bailey idiot1@netzero.net
Mon Apr 14 00:04:02 2003

ok, was busy with family, server upgrades, MY MODEM DYING, and general 
chaos. The chaos is over, the modem is replaced, the server is working 
and the upgrade to it is delayed another month at least,so to hell with 
it,  I am back mangling TL into stranger and morewonderful functionality.

The ability to CREATE lists is complete. I am now working on the scripts 
for DELETING lists. A couple of other features sit on the back burner 
for 1.7.0, I still want 1.6.0 complete before burninh my limited candle 
on them. AS for 1.6.0, a new x header on traffic,new installer,more 
sophisticated way to handle aliases, automation of the compiling of new 
aliases with a cron job, bypassing aliases file security issues with a 
SOFT ln link. Updates  on manuals.

The BETA scripts are running NOW at http://www.tinylist.org/ and 
delivered this  message to you.



              Kirk D Bailey

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