[Tutor] HTML form pre-populating functionality or hints on building my own

Scott Chapman scott_list@mischko.com
Wed Apr 16 23:37:51 2003

I'm wanting to find (or make) a module that will take a HTML file, locate the 
input-related form tags (<INPUT, <TEXTAREA, <SELECT, <OPTION) and modify them 
by putting in values from a dictionary (i.e. pre-populate the form). I want a 
module that is implemented 100% in python and does _not_ use any special tags 
to do this (such as webware, albatross, spyce, etc.)

The only thing I've seen that does this is EmbPerl (I'm tired of Perl) and 
Integratis' DFP module (implemented in C and not a straight-forward install).

I'm working on bringing some of EmbPerl's functionality to Python.

If I should build this myself, I'd like to know, would be better to use a text 
parsing module such as Plex to do the parsing?  I've never used any text 
parsing tool in Unix so it'll be all new to me.  I want to keep it simple as 
a standalone module to only populate form elements from a variable 
dictionary, so I'm thinking a parser might be overkill? If you think a parser 
would be the way to go on this, which one would you recommend? (Simple and 
quick is best IMHO).