[Tutor] Getting started with Python

Billie bh-wages@swbell.net
Fri Apr 18 12:07:01 2003

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Well, I have lowered the balance in my checking account with the purchase of
three Python instructional books.  The humor I have found makes me forget
about the "seriousness" in what I am doing (trying to teach a 60 y/o woman's
brain to learn a new computer language).  Though Mark Lutz feels "bus
attacks less threatening now," I "do" hope Guido stays clear of buses.

And Alan, since I purchased your book (thanks for the DC :), I'm glad to see
you a part of this list.  *shaking hands*

Paint Shop Pro 8's use of Python is what brought me here.  Though I learned
BASIC programming almost twenty years ago, it is the Word Perfect Macro-like
function of scripting in PSP that has regenerated my interest in learning
another programming language.  I've always had to know how things worked,
and thrive on seeking solutions to problems.

Other than what is provided in the books, is there a given lesson plan or
tutorial on projects for learning anywhere?  I've been a little bit
intimidated with the CD's so far, but know that I will overcome
this......... but I'm in a hurry!  I have also saved every post to this list
since I first joined it, and will also use it to look for answers I might

Finally........ as an "old-timer, senior citizen" I  totally agree with
Mark, when he speaks of Python's ease-of-use, that there still is "no
substitute for brains!"  I just hope I have enough cells still functioning
to undertake this task.

Thanks to all who helped me with my book questions,

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