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Doug.Shawhan@ge.com Doug.Shawhan@ge.com
Fri Apr 18 17:58:13 2003

IIRC up to and including DOS 3 one could change this behavior, effectively
swapping the switch and the slash. Fortunately I was using an apple// at the
time! :-)

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Having digest problems so answering this indirectly...

My understanding of the reason for the choice of \ was 
that / was already in use. MS DOS(and its precursor) were 
originally cheap clones of CP/M and CP/M programs 
conventionally used / for command line options.
(CP/M didn't have paths as we know them...)

Thus when MS had to introduce paths(DOS 2?) they chose 
the opposite form of slash.

I just checked and certainly the CP/M assembler and 
MBASIC interpreters both used '/' for commandline options 
as did the original CP/M wordstar. So it sounds reasonable.

Alan G

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