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Fri Apr 18 18:58:02 2003

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> Please forgive me for my accusatory and harsh tone, but your questions are
> homework exercises.  Perhaps you did not mean to do this, but to ask a
> public forum to do your homework assignment for you is not only
> demoralizing for the volunteers here, but personally insulting to all of
> us.

Agreed. And Y.T.H. should keep in mind that his instructor could well  be a
member of this list. Even if it doesn't bother him that he's cheating
himself by having other people do his work, maybe it will bother him that he
could easily be caught doing it and fail the class.

On a lighter note, am I the only one here who thinks Alex Martelli's "Python
In A Nutshell" is possibly the best Python book there is? It's clearly
written, comprehensive, and stuffed with example code. I can't recommend it
highly enough.