[Tutor] Any good way to read Tutor mails?

pan@uchicago.edu pan@uchicago.edu
Sat Apr 19 21:44:02 2003

=A4=DE=A5=CE Bob Gailer <bgailer@alum.rpi.edu>:

> Could you mention the ones you're having trouble with? I use Eudora,and=
> works fine.

I'm using a 'webmail' client called 'Horde' or something ...
it's not that it has some problem, but just inconvinient.=20
Everytime I read the tutor digest, first I have to scroll all=20
the way (and quite often back and forth and back and forth) before=20
I can find the messege that interest me. If i wanna reply, I have=20
to cut and paste the message body, then cut and paste it's title to=20
the newly compositing window before I reply. That's somehow
troublesome for a lazy guy like me.=20

Take this reply as an example, if I didnt' cut and paste the msg title,
the title shown on the tutor digest after it received this would have=20
been "Re: Tutor digest, Vol 1 #2379 - 3 msgs" (instead of "Any good=20
way to read Tutor mails? ", which is definitely not suitable.

IMHO, the current technology should be able to give us something
that you just see the title of all messages in "one window" (means
dont' need to scroll). If u are interested in any mnsg, just
click and read it, and if wanna reply, just click a button.=20

=A4=DE=A5=CE Anna Ravenscroft <revanna@mn.rr.com>:

> Are you getting a digest version of the list?

I have too many emails a day so I prefer the digest mode.

> Sean 'Shaleh' Perry shalehperry@attbi.com :
>The mailer I use (kmail from KDE under Debian Linux) gives me three opti=
>if I press 'ctrl-l' I get "reply to list" and only the list is replied t=
o. =20
>This works because I have told kmail that the folder I sort python-tutor=
>into contains the mailing list "tutor@python.org".
>if I press 'ctrl-r' I get the standard reply-to honoring.
>if I press 'ctrl-a' I get "reply to all" which replies to the first addr=
>and cc's everyone else.
>This works well for me.

That sounds great but you still have scroll back/forth to find=20
a specific msg and also cut/paste to reply, if you are using a digest
mode like mentioned above.